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From Madness To Health

Over a year ago, a shy, soft-spoken young lady, named Donna Kessler, came to me for help working through her complicated grieving process. For Donna, this process had begun with the unexpected loss of her father to addiction and suicide 2 years prior, and been prolonged by a number of repressed childhood traumas, chaotic childhood memories, unsettling sexual abuse incidents and unresolved feelings of abandonment, brought back up to the surface, impairing her mental health, overwhelming her ability to cope with sadness, guilt and anger, unable to function in life, at work, or to heal from major loss.

Our work together has been an amazing journey full of learning and discoveries, inspiration and courage, healing and hope for the future, and I feel humbled to have been a part of it. One of the most amazing discoveries for me, was that the little girl, who felt so scared, confused and powerless by such overwhelming experiences, was also clever enough for her own good. Indeed, one could say that "Little Donna" was able to find a way out of her harsh reality and escape to her very own"Safe Haven" ― an imaginary world full of beauty, fantasies, mystic and light ― which she had created for herself.

Early on, creative writing became an outlet for Donna to not only channel her fervent imagination, creative talents and skills, but also find catharsis and respite from certain harsh realities. At age 20, Donna has now published her first book, Swirling Emotions ― a true testament to the cathartic healing of her artful writing, and one of the most meaningful ways Donna has found to connect with and empower those going through their own similar inner battles. With this book, Donna has not only found a way to finally make her dreams of beauty and light a new reality for herself, but she may very well have done so for all those lucky enough to find refuge in it.

"Proud of you, boo!"

Stephanie G.

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